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Ok this isn't some cheesey resolution. I know a lot of people out there are making them and weight loss/getting in shape is the biggest one out there. I'm in no way doing this now, as you know I've been on this path already. I just got a bunch of work out equipment for christmas/yule so I'm getting a second wind with mine. My diet is still good, didn't go very far before but I'm still watching what i eat. I don't have a current weight to post since I prefer gauging my weight first thing in the morning in my birthday suit (no additional clothing weight added) and it's now almost 6pm and I'm in jeans, tennies, and a pullover and tshirt (and undergarments) so it wouldn't be accurate anyway.

As to what I got, an elpitical trainer, some hand weights (5lb and 10lb), a yoga mat, and a balance ball. My brother also gave my kids a 40lb weight bag (for kicking, punching, that sort of thing), so once we get that installed that can become part of my work out. We also have some heavier weights (bar and weights) in the garage when we get the basement cleaned up.

Anyway, so I did some working out before the holidays but started working so much over time at work that it didn't last long. Now that we are back to our regular schedule it's back to it. (plus I only had the eliptical then). So I'm sipping my pre workout water now and when I'm done it's 8 min on the elipitial and then some weights and sit ups. Doesn't seem like much but I need to work into it and I know that elipitical will kick my ass for a few weeks. (I was at 10 min before but that was with nothing else)

When I get to it I will put weight/measurements up to keep track of my progress.
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I got my fitness videos in today. I had just gotten an email last week saying it would be 3-4 weeks then an email yesterday that said they were mailed out friday. I'm so excited. I haven't looked them over yet (busy doing other things today)but I plan to tonight.

Hubby has suddenly gotten really gung ho on helping me. Unsolicited help as well. Not sure how I feel about it. He is busy making a work out plan for me. I'm grateful for the help but at the same time he usually gets gung ho and gives up before I do. I hope it works. I need the support but at the same time I feel a bit annoyed.

I'm just going to go with it and see how it goes for now.

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I feel miserable. Got a bad cold and it's making it really hard to get any physical activity in when just the little movement I have to do from my desk at work causes me discomfort. Ugh. This sucks so much. How is everyone else doing?
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Welcome to the group. Basically, at least what I'm doing is to journal both to my own journal and to the community journal. I don't always put my stuff in the community journal, though anyone is allowed to read either. This handle is just for my weight loss issues. If you need an emergancy "keep me from falling off the wagon" or some sort of modivation, if you find a good site or source of info you want to share or you just want to vent or celebrate something or just little things like keep everyone up to date on your progress. It's all good.
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Ok, playing catch up. I'm going to have to start going by my home scale (which has me weighing less than the one at the drs) and right now it has me at 199, now it's not the best scale so who knows how good it will work in the long run but at least I can monitor the loss. (the docs scale at me at 206 but that was fully clothed and at home I'm in just skivies)

I didn't journal well on my food diary this weekend but I still kept to my regular food schedule so I wasn't straying even if I wasn't keeping track. I slacked a little on the "good stuff' on sunday but I was also running around all day working my tail off.

I ordered some videos from columbia house. Yeah not the greatest place in the world but I could get 5 videos for 2.45 and worry about the other "obligation videos" later. No shipping. If anyone else is interested let me know and I'll email you the deal. (plus it allows me more free ones so if you use me as a reference I'll let you pick one of the two freebies I get and mail it to you)

Carmen Electra's Fit to Strip
Carmen Electra's Aerobic Strip
Bellydance: Fitness For Weight
Dance Fitness for Beginners

That's what I got.
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Last Monday---195


So, a loss of half a lb. Not as much as I would have liked, but its 1/2 of whatever that is no longer on my body.
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Check out this site ...I love the name and it has some neat info on it.

www.3fatchicks.com - 3 Fat Chicks on a Diet!

I also updated my personal journal with some virtual model images of before and after (www.myvirtualmodel.com) it's free for the basic build and you can modify the weight. I don't think there looks like there's much difference between 175 and 150 but it's cool to watch. My body is a bit different since I had surgery (tummy tuck) and so my "gut" area goes in further which makes it look like I have a "beer belly"
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Yeah you. I am going to have ice cream tonight but that's only if the rest of my day stays ok and I have the room in my calorie intake. Can't deprive myself of my favorites.

I've been doing good though. Keeping track of cal. in fit day and staying on target.
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X Posted to my own journal.

I did something positive today.

I wanted my ice cream. My luscious ice cream....I actually took a bite of it.

Then I put it away, and had a fat free chocolate pudding snack instead.

Then I wanted a frozen dinner--turkey tetrazzini by Stouffers. My FAV. It's a lot of calories and fat.

I heated it up.

And ate half. Put the rest away.

Not huge changes, but...it's something!

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Hello fellow "Goddesses-in-training"

Ahh no one understands the trials and tribulations of becoming a Goddess. The hours, the stress.

-wipes brow-

In all seriousness. My journal is about my day to day struggles but I look forward to working with the other "Goddesses in training" to reach

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